About us

Luxury Property Services is a premium luxury and high end real estate agency that caters to the High Net worth Individuals with a vision to help them with all property related services. Our approach is based on professionalism, trust and respect for the consumer. We find the right investment opportunity in the fast paced property market of India. We have an integrated team of young, dynamic professional Consultants & Property Experts with a diverse set of experiences and skills in order to assist you to make the right decisions by combining nuanced market knowledge and the foresight that comes from Experience. Each member of the team is committed to providing Commercial and Residential property services to our clients based on their specific needs & aspirations, thereby providing a personalized experience to each one of them.


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End-to-end Services


There are millions of variables to consider while purchasing a property. Often times you aren’t even sure what you want or how to find it. Our professional staff will help you identify your requirements and cater all your property needs.

Research based buying experience

In order to provide the best buying experience, we mainly focus on identifying our client’s passion and customized need based research on market trend, property suiting client’s requirement followed by onsite visit, vetted developer accreditation.

End-to-end property management

We offer a comprehensive End-to-end property management service to free you from the worries of considering a property. Whether property monitoring or technical, Legal assistance and Loan & Insurance, Renovation, we cover it all.

High-end Construction

We are Luxury property developers with experience in designing and constructing an appreciable amount of high-end properties in the most prestigious areas across Indian cities.

Interior designing

We are best known for the quality of our products and services it delivers. Majestic apartments, family properties and Corporate Offices, whether it is for leasing purpose or self use high-end living, we have it all.



Our Mission is to set global benchmarks and standards of excellence by maximizing client satisfaction and by offering them top-notch services. We consistently strive to deliver quality service and are always willing to go an extra mile for our customers. In order to best leverage our position as a premium and luxury brand in the real estate industry, we work with dedication and honesty.


The company was formed with a vision to cater to the growing need for High Net worth Individuals, educated professionals. Our vision is to address the trust deficit and adequate due diligence gaps in the real estate sector and to become a preferred choice for people who want to buy or sell property and to become the first truly professional and branded real estate consultancy.